IJCAI 2017 Accepted Tutorials

Half Day Tutorials

T1. Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence: From Theory to Practice
Federico Cerutti , Mauro Vallati
T2.IoT Big Data Stream Mining
Joao Gama , Gianmarco de Francisci Morales , Latifur Khan , Wei Fan , Albert Bifet
T3. Interactive Machine Learning: From Classifiers to Robotics
Ece Kamar , Bradley Hayes , Matthew Taylor
T4. Multimodal Learning and Reasoning
Angeliki Lazaridou , Desmond Elliott , Douwe Kiela
T5. Acquisition, Representation and Usage of Conceptual Hierarchies
Marius Pasca
T6. Computational Models for Social Influence and Diffusion
Yang Yang , Jie Tang
T7. Energy-based machine learning
Takayuki Osogami , Sakyasingha Dasgupta
T8. Declarative Spatial Reasoning: Theory, Methods, and Applications
Carl Schultz , Przemysław Wałęga , Mehul Bhatt
T9. Data Mining and Machine Learning using Constraint Programming Languages
Siegfried Nijssen , Tias Guns , Ian Davidson
T10. Markov Logic Networks: Recent Advances and Practical Applications
Deepak Venugopal , Vincent Ng , Vibhav Gogate
T11. Machine learning for dynamic social network analysis
Manuel Gomez Rodrieguez
T12. Learning and Decision-Making from Rank Data
Lirong Xia
T13. Theory and practice of revenue optimal mechanism design
Pingzhong Tang, Zihe Wang
T14. Multiwinner Elections: Applications, Axioms, and Algorithms
Piotr Faliszewski and Piotr Skowron
T15. Deep Reinforcement Learning Through Policy Optimization
Aviv Tamar, John Schulman, Pieter Abbeel
T16. Programming by Optimization: A Practical Paradigm for Computer-Aided Algorithm Design
Holger Hoos, Frank Hutter
T17. Multiagent Learning: Foundations and Recent Trends
Stefano V. Albrecht, Peter Stone

Quarter Day Tutorials

T18. Unifying Logic, Dynamics and Probability: Foundations, Algorithms and Challenges
Vaishak Belle
T19. Theoretical Analysis of Policy Iteration
Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan
T20. First-Order Probabilistic and Multi-agent Logics in Action
Vaishak Belle
T21. Heterogeneous Learning: Recent Advance and Future Studies
Jingrui He
T22. Strategic Voting and AI
Reshef Meir
T23. Strategic Voting and Strategic Candidacy in Multi-Agent Systems
Maria Polukarov, Svetlana Obraztsova, Zinovi Rabinovich