A part of the AI Festival will be running every night of the conference right at Plus 5 Bar, right opposite the Convention Centre. From 5.30pm to 7pm, Monday to Friday, we'll be holding a conversation with the public about the societal impact of AI. Do join us for an interesting conversation. The event if free and open to the public. More details at http://tinyurl.com/ailounge

- Monday 21st. Is the singularity near? Conversation with Jan Feyereisl and Kevin Korb.

- Tuesday 22nd. Android Dreams. Conversation with Toby Walsh, author of “Android Dreams: The Past, Present and Future of AI”.

- Wednesday 23rd. Killer Robots, the end of war? Conversation with Ugo Pagallo and Stuart Russell.

- Thursday 24th. The end of work? Conversation with Stefan Hajkowicz and Rao Kambhampati.

- Friday 25th. Q & AI. Your questions about AI answered. Conversation with Tuomas Sandholm, Devi Parikh and Toby Walsh.

Plus 5 Bar, 37 South Wharf Road, South Wharf, Melbourne.