IJCAI 2017 Accepted Workshops and Schedule

For any question about the IJCAI-17 Workshop Program, please contact the workshop chair: daniele.magazzeni@kcl.ac.uk
1) Fourth International Workshop on Theory and Applications of Formal Argumentation
2) Fifth International Workshop on Graph Structures for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (GKR 2017)
3) Third International Workshop on Social Influence Analysis (SocInf 2017)
5) Workshop on Computer Games
6) Workshop on Language Sense on Computer
7) Workshop on Learning in the Presence of Class Imbalance and Concept Drift
8) Impedance Matching in Cognitive Partnerships
9) Evaluating General-Purpose AI (EGPAI2017)
10) The 3rd workshop on Algorithmic Game Theory
11) Workshop on Linked Democracy: Artificial Intelligence for Democratic Innovation
12) Workshop on Cognitive Knowledge Acquisition and Applications (Cognitum 2017)
13) Third Workshop on Conflict Resolution in Decision Making (COREDEMA 2017)
15) Explainable AI
16) Workshop on AI Applications in E-Commerce
17) Workshop on Linguistic and Cognitive Approaches to Dialogue Agents (LaCATODA)
18) Workshop on Knowledge Discovery in Healthcare II: Towards Learning Healthcare Systems
19) Ninth International Workshop on Modelling and Reasoning in Context (MRC 2017)
20) Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Constraint Programming
21) The Taboo Challenge Competition
22) 30th Workshop on Qualitative Reasoning (QR2017)
23) International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Security
24) Cognition and Artificial Intelligence for Human-Centred Design
25) Advances in Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence: Bridging the Gap (3rd edition)
26) Third Workshop on Representation Learning for Graphs
27) Workshop on Semantic Machine Learning
28) Workshop on Declarative Learning Based Programming
29) First International Workshop on Sharing and Reuse of AI Work Products
30) Workshop on Human-Robot Engagement in the Home, Workplace and Public Spaces
31) AI in the Oceans and Space
32) Workshop on AI for Internet of Things
33) BOOM: 2nd International Workshop on Biomedical infOrmatics with Optimization and Machine learning
34) Logical Foundations for Uncertainty and Learning
35) First International Workshop on Affective Computing (AC)
36) Workshop on Abuse Preventive Data Mining
37) Third International Workshop on Smart Simulation and Modelling for Complex Systems
38) Workshop on Goal Reasoning
39) Ninth International Workshop on Multimedia for Cooking and Eating Activities
40) Workshop on Architectures for Generality & Autonomy
41) Fifth Workshop on Heterogeneous Information Network Analysis (HINA)

Workshop Schedule

Note that room numbers at RMIT are listed in the format bb.ff.rr where bb is the building number (80 for all IJCAI-17 events), ff is the floor number, and rr is the room number on that floor.

  Aug 19 AM Aug 19 PM Aug 20 AM Aug 20 PM Aug 21 AM Aug 21 PM
ws-1 80.10.10      
ws-2         MCEC 204
ws-3   80.03.15        
ws-5     80.03.15    
ws-6 80.04.20      
ws-7     80.04.21    
ws-8         MCEC 207
ws-9     80.05.12    
ws-10     80.09.12    
ws-11 80.04.21        
ws-12     80.04.22    
ws-13         MCEC 208
ws-15     80.02.02    
ws-16 80.05.12        
ws-17         MCEC 209
ws-18     80.08.10    
ws-19         MCEC 215
ws-20           MCEC 216
ws-21         MCEC 216  
ws-22         MCEC 218
ws-23     80.09.06    
ws-24 80.04.24        
ws-25     80.04.24    
ws-26     80.09.10    
ws-27     80.04.25    
ws-28 80.04.25        
ws-29 80.07.02        
ws-30 80.07.06        
ws-31 80.07.09        
ws-32 80.09.12        
ws-33         MCEC 219
ws-34     80.07.09    
ws-35     80.07.02    
ws-36     80.07.06    
ws-37         MCEC 220
ws-38 80.08.10        
ws-39     80.07.07    
ws-40 80.09.10        
ws-41     80.10.11