The IJCAI 2017 Industry Day is a unique networking event where entrepreneurs and scientists can discuss the future of AI and its impact on industry and society.

Speakers will include those from companies who a few years ago did not exist but are now giants in industry. They will discuss the AI technologies they use and the key role these technologies play in their company operations and strategy.

Other speakers come from smaller AI start-ups, who will share their experiences with commercialising AI technologies, the problems they have had to overcome, and the elements of success and failure.

These international speakers represent a diverse array of companies and industries, from delivery robots to transportation, retail, multi-media, learning and social apps.

IJCAI 2017 Industry Day will also host two panel sessions involving researchers, engineers, and business executives in discussion with each other and the audience. The first panel focuses on how to start and successfully run an AI company. This will be followed by a second panel discussing the future of AI and its impact on society, both positive and negative.

IJCAI 2017 Industry Day will provide a fascinating insight into what it takes to transition AI from the research lab into the real world and how AI technologies will affect our future society.


08:30Opening remarks - Michael Georgeff
Large Companies
DiDi - Jieping Ye - Weipeng Paul Yan
09:35Xiao i Robot - PinPin Zhu
10:00Coffee Break
Rome2Rio - Marco Lui
10:45Symbolix - Elizabeth Stark
11:00ACMI - Seb Chan
11:15AI Melbourne - Andy Kitchen
11:30Panel: Starting an AI Company (what to do and what not to do)

Panelists: ACS - Anthony Wong, Chattypeople - Murray Newlands, Silverpond - Jonathan Chang,
Rome2Rio - Marco Lui, Symbolix - Elizabeth Stark

Moderator: Andy Kitchen
Large Companies
Meitu - Amin Zheng
14:25IBM - John R. Smith
14:50Baidu - Dou Shen
15:15BigML - Charles Parker
15:40Tencent - Dong Yu
16:05Coffee Break
16:30Panel (Future of AI: Research, industry, areas of most impact, social consequences)

Panelists: Infosys - Andrew Groth, IBM - Stefan Harrer, CMU - Tuomas Sandholm, Alibaba - Hongxia Yang

Moderator: Anthony Wong
17:30Closing event: Food & Drink