IJCAI 2017 Accepted Tutorials and Schedule

Half Day Tutorials

T1. Argumentation in Artificial Intelligence: From Theory to Practice
Federico Cerutti, Mauro Vallati
T2.IoT Big Data Stream Mining
Joao Gama, Gianmarco de Francisci Morales, Latifur Khan, Wei Fan, Albert Bifet
T3. Interactive Machine Learning: From Classifiers to Robotics
Ece Kamar, Bradley Hayes , Matthew Taylor
T5. Acquisition, Representation and Usage of Conceptual Hierarchies
Marius Pasca
T6. Computational Models for Social Influence and Diffusion
Yang Yang, Jie Tang
T7. Energy-based machine learning
Takayuki Osogami, Sakyasingha Dasgupta
T8. Declarative Spatial Reasoning: Theory, Methods, and Applications
Carl Schultz, Przemysław Wałęga, Mehul Bhatt
T9. Data Mining and Machine Learning using Constraint Programming Languages
Siegfried Nijssen, Tias Guns, Ian Davidson
T10. Markov Logic Networks: Recent Advances and Practical Applications
Deepak Venugopal, Vincent Ng, Vibhav Gogate
T11. Machine learning for dynamic social network analysis
Manuel Gomez Rodrieguez
T12. Learning and Decision-Making from Rank Data
Lirong Xia
T13. Theory and practice of revenue optimal mechanism design
Pingzhong Tang, Zihe Wang
T14. Multiwinner Elections: Applications, Axioms, and Algorithms
Piotr Faliszewski and Piotr Skowron
T15. Deep Reinforcement Learning
Igor Mordatch
T16. Programming by Optimization: A Practical Paradigm for Computer-Aided Algorithm Design
Holger Hoos, Frank Hutter
T17. Multiagent Learning: Foundations and Recent Trends
Stefano V. Albrecht, Peter Stone

Quarter Day Tutorials

T18. Unifying Logic, Dynamics and Probability: Foundations, Algorithms and Challenges
Vaishak Belle
T19. Theoretical Analysis of Policy Iteration
Shivaram Kalyanakrishnan
T20. First-Order Multi-agent Logics in Action
Vaishak Belle
T21. Heterogeneous Learning: Recent Advance and Future Studies
Jingrui He
T22. Strategic Voting and AI
Reshef Meir
T23. Strategic Voting and Strategic Candidacy in Multi-Agent Systems
Maria Polukarov, Svetlana Obraztsova, Zinovi Rabinovich

Tutorial Schedule

Note that room numbers at RMIT are listed in the format bb.ff.rr where bb is the building number (80 for all IJCAI-17 events), ff is the floor number, and rr is the room number on that floor.

  Aug 19 AM Aug 19 PM Aug 20 AM Aug 20 PM 1 Aug 20 PM 2 Aug 21 AM Aug 21 PM 1 Aug 21 PM 2
T1           MCEC 210    
T2 80.02.07              
T3     80.02.07          
T5             MCEC 210
T6 80.04.06              
T7             MCEC 211
T8     80.04.06          
T9   80.02.07            
T10           MCEC 211    
T11   80.04.06            
T12           MCEC 212    
T13   80.04.11            
T14     80.04.11          
T15       80.02.07      
T16           MCEC 213    
T17 80.04.11              
T18       80.04.06        
T19             MCEC 212  
T20         80.04.06      
T21             MCEC 213  
T22       80.04.11        
T23         80.04.11