The journal track is a relatively new feature for IJCAI (started at IJCAI-13), which invites authors to present their research papers published in top AI journals and have never been presented at a large AI conference such as IJCAI or AAAI.

The authors of such papers are given an opportunity to present their work during the conference and publish an extended abstract of this work in the conference proceedings.

This track provides both a very useful service to the community who are interested in keeping up with the literature in the top AI journals as well as an opportunity for the authors of such papers, who will have a platform to present their results to a broad AI audience and receive feedback in a highly interactive manner. To achieve these goals, authors are instructed to make the extended abstract as well as the presentation as accessible as possible to a general AI audience.

The 2017 IJCAI journal track includes 28 papers that have appeared in AIJ or JAIR over the previous two years.